Why Danish Girls Are Taking Over Our Insta Feeds

This post was written for Fashion Journal.

valet studio hair clips

Who run the world? Danish girls.

I believe the current form of Instagram, whether you love or hate it, has seen two iconic fashion eras pass through its feed. Number 1: The Reign of The French. Number 2: The Danish Revolution.

We were once privy to the juicy red lips of Jeanne Damas, Jacquemus miniskirts and an overall laissez-faire approach to life. Arguably, this influence remains strong as I continue to crave an existence of croissants, espresso shots, wine and glorious cheese.

But in 2018, a new kid arrived on the block. This kid showed up with her vibrant style and alluring aesthetic, conflicting with the minimalist, bougie life I once sought. My curated feed of demure inspiration quickly became the breeding ground of vibrant colour, billowing dresses and somewhat questionable sneaker choices. Gingham returned in full force, along with an army of scrunchies, barrettes and neon. The Danes officially came and conquered the ’gram.

While my feed is now akin to a bag of Allen’s – sweet, sugary colour everywhere – one significant stressor arises. How does one flip their understated, well-curated, French-inspired wardrobe into the bold and vibrant image of the Danes (and fast)?

Never fear. Here are some super versatile, quick and easy wardrobe additions that will have you instantly blending in with the new girls we love the most.

Hair clips

Add some simple bling to your hair à la every cool Danish girl on the street. If you’re a hoarder, I applaud your abilities and trust you already have a few clips lying around from their mid-’90s heyday. Long live the butterfly clip. Try one to the side, indulge in the double-whammy, or adorn that precious head of yours with any number you please. The more the merrier, I say.


As above, raid your old drawers and dig through the dregs of the dress-up box. A hidden gem in the form of a scrunchie is sure to be found. Failing that, hit up your local market where individuals have quickly cottoned on to the lucrative trend. Or, even better, DIY.

Bike shorts

Somewhat controversial, yes, but bike shorts are highly logical and now an equally high fashion staple. When leaving home sans bike is akin to forgetting your iPhone (as I stereotypically believe the Danish situation to be), practicality also comes into play. Classic black or neon pink: pair them with a blazer and ta-da.

Billowing dresses

Thanks to labels like Ganni and Baum und Pferdgarten, looking like a glorified milkmaid has never been so *in*. We can have the beauty without the pain of lugging dairy-filled pails (#winning). Embrace your feminine side by indulging in a touch of floral; experiment as one statement dress can be worn endless ways. Style it back with a pair of un-sexy (and divisive) dad sneakers or take it to the country with cowboy boots and tassels. Stand pretty as the street photographers flock.


AKA Havaianas are back. No need to freak out. Let your inner Aussie beach bum cheer as it has *finally* become acceptable to wear a pair of rubber thongs in public, sans bikini. Don’t lie to me: I know you have a pair patiently awaiting their high fashion debut.

And if that’s not enough, try getting creative with a silk scarf, or switch your leopard print to tiger. Purchasing an uber cool bike is also a must. There is no such thing as overdoing it.

The most important question still remains, however. What will be next? Before you upend your entire wardrobe and invest in a lifelong supply of rye bread, take a breather.

As we’re adapting pieces from various regions around the world, we’re also forming a new style of our own. Are we starting a new nation, nay, a new culture? One that transcends geography and is instead an all-inclusive interpretation? It’s the whatever-the-hell-we-want approach. Because – as appears to have become my life’s mantra – you do you.

I’m not French, but I’ll wear a sexy slip. I’m not Danish, but I’ll ride that Ganni horse until it’s well and truly dead. And, while I’m at it, I’ll slip in a few Cuban-style holiday shirts and Japanese denim. Who’s with me?

(Image via @valetstudio)

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